Dads Warning After Fortnite Money Scam

We have Just been victim to an Xbox fortnight scam I have decided to share this in the hope no one will be as stupid as us.

 Vinnie who is 11 asked his dad on Monday if he could give out his dads mobile number on a web page to get a free game in fortnight they then claim they will send you a code to the phone and then you input the code then send it onto the Xbox to get the free game in Fortnite.

No harm would come from just a simple thing like a phone number surely, it has got to be safe right? Wrong! We were so wrong.

What you are doing is authorising mobile billing from Microsoft and somehow this person starts billing your phone even though you are not buying anything and have not handed over any bank details.

£140 has gone over three days just added to mobile phone account so doesn’t show from your bank, if like me you check your internet banking it will not show straight away I didn’t even know that u could bill to mobile ?

We have spoken to Microsoft and they have put a block on to stop any more money being charged to my account, however it may take some time to be refunded (if they decide to) the £140 that has already been charged.

Do not trust these web sites which claim to give you free Fortnite games or any free games with just your phone number it is a scam.

Emailed in by Joseph Emmerson

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