Dear Education System This Is What Your Doing To Our Children

Dear Education System,

This is what you are doing to our children. My 5 year old is made to feel bad that he is a regular boy.

He isn’t always good at sitting still. He loves to bounce and talk to friends. He loves to learn by doing. He’s a typical boy who could play outside all day and not get tired.

Sadly you take that away more and more each year. You’re dead set on increasing testing numbers by forcing the “child” out of our kids. At much younger ages they are becoming zombies.

Sit, be still, learn this earlier, test well or we will be forced to have an intervention but don’t expect our help quickly because the red tape takes months. Talk too much during P.E. and you lose it. Don’t turn your homework in and sit silently at lunch while you complete the assignment.

If he cannot be silent and still my child is a distraction. If you cannot be silent and still you will be punished. If you cannot be silent and still we will take away the time you do have to NOT be silent and still.

When will you wake up and realize you are detrimentally hurting our children by no longer allowing them to just be children??

Because personally, I’m tired of holding my baby while he cries thinking he’s failing as a kindergartner.



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