Dementia Should Be Called Failure Of The Brain

A Neurologist said that dementia / Alzheimer’s should be called “failure of the brain,” because the other names are nebulous and do not show the severity of the disease to most people.

As the patient’s brain slowly dies, you know they’ve changed physically, and the caregivers are often in shock!! Patients will end up bedridden, unable to move, and unable to eat or drink. But it is the different phases beforehand that are just as painful.

The day they suddenly forget how to dress themselves, and become confused or combative when you try to fix the shirt, or trousers, they’ve put on backwards. When they repeatedly ask where their life-long mate is while looking straight at her. When they are confused, angry, or frightened, because they are still partially aware of who they were, yet are no longer…

Most people don’t know what it is to fight or to have a loved one who leads a battle against dementia / Alzheimer’s.

If you or anyone you know has dementia/ Alzheimer’s please visit for advice and support.

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