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Do Children Still Believe In Santa?

Do kids still believe in Santa?

With Just over a month to go until the big day, a new company is offering to make a Realistic Santa CCTV footage video of Santa in your home. Using green screen technology Santa CCTV uses your own home photos to produce the video.
Do your kids still believe in Santa? We do!

According to a poll done by Eighty-one percent of parents with kids ages 10 or under say at least one of their children thinks Santa Claus is real. Another 14 percent say their kids have outgrown the belief, while 9 percent say their kids never believed in Santa in the first place. One-in-three youngsters in the UK join in the ritual to save their mum and dad from “getting sad” on Christmas day.
Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of adult respondents believe it’s OK for kids to believe in Santa, although they pick age 12 as the average age at which children should learn the truth.
Just over one-fifth of parents with kids between the ages of 11 and 17 say their kids still believe in Santa Claus.
Three-quarters of the adults surveyed say they believed in Santa as kids, up until the age of 9.

Refreshingly, there’s little sign of a partisan gap. Older people, though, are a little more likely to have believed — 80 percent of those ages 45 and older say that they did, compared to just 66 percent of those under 30.
One-fifth of people have spoiled Santa for someone!

Seventeen percent of respondents say that they’ve told someone who believed in Santa Claus that he didn’t exist.
Julie Hill from said ‘Christmas is a magical time, and keeping the spirit of Santa Claus alive is important. Our videos are a little bit of Christmas Magic!’ (santa cctv demo:
Santa Cam CCTV Demo

REAL Santa Claus caught on cctv for real on santa cctv santa cam. to find out more visit


Julie and her Husband Ben have also launched a new type of magic reindeer food for this Christmas. Based on the food fed to the reindeers in the cult 1985 classic film Santa Claus the movie staring Dudley Moore, the new food which you add water to crackles and pop and jumps! Julie Said ‘We have been working on the food all year and are really excited about it. we hope we have brought two fun, magical products to help Christmas 2017 be the best ever’
reindeer food demo:
reindeer food website:


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