Do I Look Different? I Think I Hid It Well

So I wore a tight dress for the first time with my insulin pump😛. I usually don’t do tight dresses as my pump always sticks out and makes me feel ‘different’ but I think I hid it pretty well 💉📟👗. I like that no one can see how many illnesses I have( most people don’t know I even have half of them including family) that way I know I’m doing something right.

I am living with it and being strong and to be honest now I think I feel a lot more confident and proud of all of my invisible illnesses and how far I have come, so if someone did see my pump and give me ‘that look’ then 🤷🏻‍♀️ who cares right? I’m a fighter, I’m a survivor and I’m going to rock it.

Still like to look nice in a tight dress though so If anyone has any tips I’m keen to hear them 😉


Where do you hide your pump?

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Written and full credit to the amazing Jennifer Valerie Devonshire, we at Mums advice think you rocked that dress and looked amazing, beautiful and stunning you are one strong lady and hope you continue to shine.

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