Do Not Ask Me For Free Stuff It’s Not Cool

Do NOT ask your hair stylist/ barber friend for free haircuts or colour services.

Do NOT ask your retail friends for discounts on clothes in their store.

Do NOT ask your server friends for free food or to not charge you for something you ordered.

Do NOT ask your bartender friends for extra liquor in your drink.

Do NOT ask your shirt maker friend for free shirts or if you can just bring a shirt and have them put vinyl on it for free.

The list could go on

Do you realize how asinine you look going into a place of business and asking your friend/ acquaintance for a discount because you “know” them

Like seriously… That is their JOB! This is how they pay their bills or feed their family and YOU think that just because you “know” them that you should get a hookup?

Please, humor me for a second

Do they go to YOUR job and ask for discounts, free food, drinks or hookups? Nope.

(& If y’all have a special bond like that, this isn’t for you)

You can’t expect someone to risk their job for you. We are adults. We have bills. We have mortgages. We have children. We need our jobs!

Or asking friends who have their own businesses for FREE services

Running a business is not free. Material costs. Taxes. Time & effort. Etc….

Just stop it’s not cute! We’re not cool like that. If we are and it’s something I want to do, I will do it, BUT don’t ask! Talk about awkward!

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