Do Not Give Your Toddler Milk Or Juice At Night

A lady known as Ray Ray has taken to Facebook to warn other parents about allowing their toddlers to have milk and juice during the night.

Ray Ray said “Believe me when I say this the most hurtful feeling I ever felt for my child , my son is only  2 & had to get his front 4 teeth removed because he had a lot of tooth decay from milk and juices that he would drink through the middle of the night at least 4 times of filling up his cup throughout the night too soothe him because he would cry for it.

My baby boys teeth became brittle & I also wasn’t brushing his teeth regularly every day like I should have waving it off cause (their baby teeth) & he would fight & cry, to the point one broke and one crack( due to him falling chasing after his ball) I just suggest that if you have a young child just don’t let them drink an water throughout the night while they’re asleep because it sits in their month and  can cause seriously teeth damage and possibly gum damage also !

 I am feelings so hurt I’m emotional about it because it’s my fault why my baby had to experience this but big lesson here I’ll never let this happen again to any of my children 😭😭 if I knew better I promise I would’ve done better #lessonlearned2.

Hundreds of people commented on Ray Ray’s post saying that they had problems with their toddlers teeth in the past through giving milk and juice in the night, if you can avoid giving these over night then please do so or replace with water, brush toddlers teeth regularly, we would advice hen they are a small baby to get them used to it (obviously without toothpaste).

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