Don’t Go On Holiday If You Don’t Look Good

Charmaine Steady has received death threats after her controversial and damn right rude post on Facebook, she has since deleted her account.

Steady wrote “Please for the love of all things beautiful think before you go on holiday, don’t go if you don’t look good.

We all enjoy going somewhere hot and sunny and spending our time frolicking in the pool or relaxing in the sun lounger and taking in the beautiful scenery of another country.

Now while we love seeing the sights what I don’t appreciate is seeing fat thighs, bulging stomachs, hair sticking out of the side of bikinis or full on hairy badger armpits.

That’s just the bleeding woman, men shave your down stairs, put bloody swimming shorts and bin the tight speedos, no one wants to see the shape of your shrivelled cock and saggy balls.

We are all on holiday to enjoy ourselves, we plan for it, we prepare ourselves, I actually diet for months before I go, I work out, I tan, I have a full body wax, I’m not saying you can stop being a beached whale well you could if you really wanted to but you can buy swim wear that covers a lot of it, it’s really not that pricey, razors cost as little as a quid, but don’t ruin my special vacation by me having to see the ugly sights, taking photographs and having the permanent reminder of how little you care about your appearance .

Being in holiday is meant to be enjoyable for all, don’t let your standards slip just because you’re in a foreign country”.

Do you think people should make more of an effort on their appreance before a big holiday? Does it really matter how others dress or look? What are your thoughts on Charmaine Steady post?

2 thoughts on “Don’t Go On Holiday If You Don’t Look Good

  • 27th July 2018 at 1:17 pm

    She’s disgraceful. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes so shut up u horrible woman.

  • 27th July 2018 at 6:27 pm

    wow what a bitch so what do you want the larger people too do cover up for your gratification in the boiling hot heat people go on holiday to relax and let their hair down! go take your so called little miss perfect body away and work on your disqusting attitude! i used to be stick thin size 8 very athletic then i settled and i had children and struggle to budge the weight and i cant stand judgmental people saying nasty remarks like that how rude!


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