For Those Who Aren’t Taking This Serious

Day 8 – They are exhausted but recovering. I won’t share day 1 because it’s heartbreaking to see.
Apart from being told by medical professionals that it’s extremely likely these poor boys have corona virus, I’m unsure we will ever have it confirmed. What I can tell you is; if it was “it” then it included highs of 40.7° temperatures, dry coughs, being incoherent, eyes rolling, fever shakes, shivering, struggling to walk, diarrhoea, exhaustion and frantic calls with 111 and paramedics.

We know that it is contagious as Ben is 72 hours in and only just got out of bed, he was delirious.
I’m not one to post personal stuff, this is not for sympathy or attention. It’s for those who aren’t taking this seriously. Government describe children as getting mild symptoms?! This terrifies me to think how this goes on to effect the elderly and vulnerable.

PLEASE PLEASE listen to the advice and isolate or practice social distancing for their sake. Have some respect for the NHS staff awaiting the storm. What you do today will affect the intensive care beds needed in two weeks time. 793 more people died in Italy yesterday. IN ONE DAY. Two weeks ago they weren’t in lock down they were being asked to social distance themselves….. Think about that.

Side note, we’ve got another 6 days left of quarantine and we have plenty of food and still on the same 9 pack of toilet roll we started with. Don’t be a dick, stop panic buying.


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