Fortnite dances should be banned for intimidation

Fortnite dances should be banned for intimidation

Fortnite is an online strategy game, you compete against other people to become the last man standing.

In the game you can save up coins or purchase additional items, clothing or dances.

The dances include the dab, bouncing from one leg to the next whilst making the Loser symbol with your hand called take the L, the floss, breakin’, electro shuffle, wiggle and disco fever.

Parents are calling for Fortnite dances especially the floss and Take the L to be banned as children are using them to intimidate and bully other children.

Many youth sports teams are doing the dances after winning a game and mocking their losing opponents.

One mum has even set up a petition and is sharing it on social media platforms, Jemma Dunmore from Osmondthorpe in Leeds is asking worried parents to sign and share her petition to get Fortnite to remove the dances, she states that the dances do nothing to improve the game.

She added that they were a pointless addition to the game and are only there to mock and intimidate other users and young children now deem it acceptable to rein-act the moves in the playground or on the sports field.

What’s your views, should Fortnite remove the dances or are there too many snowflakes in the world?

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