Gassed Whilst Asleep In Their Cabs

A Warning to Raise awareness “

Gassed while asleep in their cabs !!

A heavy goods vehicle driver Mark George would like to raise awareness to a problem that is on the increase across the county and beyond, after a truck/ trailer was targeted by thieves on the M1.

This is happening very regularly these days we are paying per night between £27 and £30 to park the trucks up in services with no security at all and putting our lives at risk.

Some companies won’t pay for this and you have to park in a lay by or a industrial estate with no toilet or nothing to use. I feel that the local authority should be doing more and also the motorway services should also be stepping up to the plate I’ve known drivers being gassed while they are asleep in there cabs while there load is being stolen .

In this latest case they have taken a full load of high end products which consisted of 26 pallets and every one has been stolen overnight.

It happened at the Woolley Edge services near to Sheffield.

Grimsby Immingham and Scunthorpe have had a huge increase to theft from trailers recently. What is the answer to this ongoing problem.

Full credit Mark George.

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