Ghost Child Playing With My Children

I thought I’d share another epic parenting fail with you all. I’m a mother of 7 children so these unfortunate events are part of daily life.

A few months ago I witnessed my 5yr old little girl talking to herself. Or at least I thought she was. I continued to watch her, and quickly realised she must have an imaginary friend. Aww bless her 😍

The days go on and one tea time, I decided to up my parenting game, and offer to cook her imaginary friend a portion of spag bol too. Why not?

“Oh mummy don’t be silly, she’s dead! She can’t eat food!”

Holy shit on a cracker….She’s fucking what now?! (Didn’t actually say that part out loud)

“Thanks for offering though mum 😊😊😊”

Fuck. Fuckety fuck fuck. Do we move house? Call a priest or just be done with it and burn the place down!. I’m equipped for a lot of childlike circumstances but the adoption of fucking Casper. absolutely not.

After I calm down, I ask my daughter some questions to try find out a little bit more about our new addition.

With confidence and zero fear, she proceeds to tell me her friend is the same age as her. She’s a little black girl. She loves summer. She’s allowed to play during the day but at night-time she has to go home. My daughter doesnt know her name so calls her Sally. (Ok… So at least I know we can sleep easy πŸ™„)

For weeks I watch my darling little psycho play with her dead friend. Sometimes my other children join in too. They can all see her which is even more terrifying. They chase each other, giggle and Love to play hide and seek.

Then one day I noticed that her “friend” wasn’t around as much.

Probing… I ask her where she’s gone.

“Oh she’s not around today cos you have the blinds shut”

Hmmmm. Thinking of all the last few months events I have a sudden brain wave and open the blinds.

“Mummy mummy she’s here she’s here!”

Omfg. I had spent weeks and weeks googling spirits. I watched hours of the ghost whisperer, looking up priests and dreaming about Ghost busters! For what?!….

Sally the fucking SHADOW! 😱

Credit Michelle M Stewart

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