Girls Shouldn’t Have To Walk In Fear

We live in a world where ‘no’ means ‘convince me’.
Where girls walk home with keys between clenched fists.
Where a skirt defines if she’s asking for it or not.
Where girls are slut shamed and men are seen as kings.

When out at the club, guys respect ‘I have a boyfriend’ more than my ‘no’.
It’s a lie, but vital for female survival.
The bullshit we do to not get raped…
While men are excused for the culture they create.

“Not all guys”
Tell that to Meagher or Dixon, oh wait, they’re dead.
My heart bleeds for the millions of victims.
But right now my veins burst fury red.

Because it may be ‘not all guys’
But it’s every fucking woman.
Don’t tell me how to dress or when I can leave.
Teach men how to be a decent human being. 🤬

Artist: Roseanne ‘Dozy’ Hanson.

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