God Bless And Protect Our Drivers

Father, who is this gentleman who is dead?

I don’t know, son.

Just know he was a truck driver.

The young man is approaching a person with a white shirt and a very elegant pants, he was the boss of that driver, the boy grabs his hand and asks.

Can I know what a truck driver is?

The boss responds to a voice and his eyes full of tears

A driver

Is a person who sleeps less than a lot of people,

It goes through the cold, heat, sun, rain, hunger, hours drive and endless waiting.

And there are moments when he doesn’t have days, Christmas, new year and many other important moments,

He’s very far away from his family.

From their children

From his wife

From his parents, brothers and sisters,

Regularly gets scolded or even beaten when they try to steal his goods…

Go through thousands of fears…

If he leaves for work, he doesn’t know if he’s going home.

Or if he has to work for a few days because of the bad weather, or worse still lose his life…

.. That’s part of what a “truck driver” is.

Suddenly, the sound of a phone that is in the pocket of the deceased’s pants……

The boss leaves the child for a moment to take the cell phone, he sees it’s a message from his daughter and with very low voice starts reading it

He reads:

(hello daddy ❤, I took the cell phone from mom

To wish you a happy birthday, I look forward to seeing you and giving your gift because after 2 days you are not back, I look forward to cutting your cake

Today we’re going to do it together!!

I love you, daddy. You’re a great father.

I send you a kiss

I’ll wait for you at home.

That’s the life of a “driver” unfortunately often tragic

Regardless of his society, as a passenger or freighter…

If you can spread the post so that people instead of criticism appreciate the effort of a driver!

God bless and protect all drivers!

Peace with his soul…

Credit Ian Ewok Tyrrell

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