Guy Gets Death Theats After His Post On Reddit

Guy gets death threats after his post on Reddit.

We have kept his name private to prevent more repercussions.

The man said ” My girlfriend was beaten and raped I broke up with her after she told me, here’s what happened…

we had been dating for 7 months and she wanted to go to a sleazy club with her friend,  I told her I did not want her to go, we had a huge argument about it, she was like “you don’t owe me I can go and do what I want”, I told her clearly if she went we were over and I would be breaking up with her, she said she wouldn’t go and we both dropped it.

Along came saturday and I hadn’t heard from her all day, at 4am on sunday she calls me crying, she says she was beaten up and raped, she had only gone to the bloody club against my wishes.

Apparently she left with some guy and his mate to go to another party, they took her some where and took their turns with her.

I told her we were over, she screamed down the phone at me that she needed me and that she was sorry, I simply told her not to call me again.

She broke my trust went somewhere I told her not to, was probably going to end up cheating on me anyway and im meant to feel sorry for?”.

The reddit user was sent thousands of death threats and promptly deleted his post and account, but some shockingly agreed with him stating that she was told not to go there and she shouldn’t have left he club with the guys.

It is never the victims fault for a rape, if someone says no it means NO, it doesn’t matter if they had consented earlier, were flirting etc if they change their mind you have to accept that.

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