He Came Out Of School So Sad

At first look, you may think this is my daughter, you would be wrong, this is my 3 year old son who absolutely loves his spiderman dress..

On Friday, my handsome kind boy wore his spiderman dress to nursery , he went into nursery so so happy, he couldn’t wait to show all his friends his twirling, he couldn’t wait to make them smile.
He came out of school so so sad, two girls had laughed at him and told him he was wearing a girls dress. It absolutely broke his heart, and mine too!

Now, no-one would bat an eyelid if my daughter went into school wearing a hulk costume… So why should he be laughed at for wearing a dress?
After it happened, quite a few people said “well you should of expected it”…. No, no I definitely shouldnt of, its a piece of clothing, it doesn’t define my son, he also loves playing with dinosaurs, cars and Thomas the tank engine.

Why the fuck aren’t we teaching our children to be kind?! Why should I expect my son to be picked on if he wears a dress?
Children are THE most important people we should be teaching to be kind, they are the ones who can change the world, not us, they are the future, they will be bringing up their own children, hopefully to be kind, if they are taught to be kind, they will teach others, it’s common sense!

So in a world where our children can be anything, encourage them to be kind!

Credit https://www.facebook.com/lisachelseaanne

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