Here’s Why Stay At Home Mums Can Be Depressed

I hear so many people asking why any stay at home mom would be depressed. I mean, we get to stay home with our children, why would we be depressed??

We are depressed because it’s absolutely exhausting working your ass off for your family, but it not meaning anything because we don’t make money.

It’s exhausting making a daily sacrifice to put others needs before your own. And it not meaning anything because you don’t “help” financially.

It’s exhausting being a maid, a teacher, a chef, a nurse, a mentor, and people don’t care because you don’t make money.

Our very existence doesn’t count as a real contribution to some, because we don’t earn money.

So, how would you feel. If you worked 24/7….Literally. And got zero acknowledgement from society because you don’t earn an income?! And you were constantly asked when you’re gonna get a job and what you do all day.

Someone’s worth should not be defined by the amount of money they make. My contribution is just as important as any working person. And guess what?! At the end of your work day, you get to clock out, go home and relax. I never get to clock out of my “job”. I wouldn’t change my job for the world

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