Here’s Why Your Child Misbehaves Just For You

Have you ever had one of those days where you wonder what you’re doing wrong because your child is so well behaved for everyone else, but isn’t for you?

Challenging behaviour, pushing boundaries, screaming, crying, not listening, shouting, you get the idea.

People will say you’re too soft and need to get tougher.

Or that you’re not disciplining them properly and need to gain more respect.

Or that you have lost control.

Or that you are a rubbish parent.

Want to know what I think?

Its because your child knows you understand them more than anyone else.

It’s because your child knows that they can show frustration, anger and emotions that we all have and you will still unconditionally love and support them.

It’s because your child knows that you’re the one person who can make everything better.

It’s because your child knows you’re the person they can always go to with all of their problems and will never be silenced.

It’s because your child knows that if they want to cry then they can when you’re there.

Next time you pick your child up from nursery or from school where they say they’ve been angels all day and once home their behaviour becomes challenging maybe it’s because they’ve been holding it together all day and with you they can let all of their emotions out. Because they know you are never going anywhere. Because you’re their mum.

So why do they behave differently for you?

It’s not because you’re their soft touch.

It’s because you’re their safe place.

You’re not doing anything wrong, in fact you’re doing everything right. You’ve reassured your child that they can share their feelings with you and that whatever those feelings are, you will love them unconditionally.


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