Heroes Medals Stolen Can You Help?

Hello everyone,

My Grandpa who was 98 years old sadly passed away last week. In the last 48 hours, his house in Sunbury was burgled. Whilst we are heartbroken that somebody would do such an awful thing, his wish was for his medals, earned after fighting in WW2 were to be displayed at his funeral, and passed on to his 8-year-old Great Grandson. However, these were also stolen. They were his pride and joy. I am here to plead with you all to look out for any information regarding either the burglary or look out for those who may be selling his belongings on Facebook, in antiques shops, at fayres, at auction, anywhere you can.

Perhaps the culprit is here? If so, the medals have only sentimental value, they aren’t worth anything to you. We don’t care about anything else, but please, if you have a heart, let my Grandpa have his medals back whilst we lay him to rest. I beg you. I will even pay a reward for their safe return if you have them and won’t ask anymore questions.

I have attached photos of some of the medals which have been stolen. Please share with everyone you may know. We have had to put his funeral arrangements on hold due to the burglary, but are hoping he can be at rest by 29th November. Please do the right thing. Even if you throw them into the garden, we just need them back. Somebody knows where they are.

Full credit Hannah peacock

If you have any information on the were abouts of these precious medals please feel free to email us mumsadviceltd@outlook.com

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