Hey would you be able to post this for me please… it’s a little long, but I’d …

Hey would you be able to post this for me please… it’s a little long, but I’d appreciate any advice at the moment!

So me and my partner met coming upto to 5 years ago now… it was a whirlwind, pretty much fell in love straight away, he is literally my best friend. But this is the problem, now he only just feels like a friend. I was brought up a Catholic and I openly admit not a very good one, but I always lived by the moral of trying to be a nice person and helping people whenever I can… he wasn’t religious atall, until he started having conversations with his boss about religion and one day he decided to go to church, I was so proud of him but after a few months he started to change, now he didn’t change for the worse… but our relationship did as a couple, we used to enjoy nights out and we were very affectionate… then he stopped wanting to go out ( which was fine) but we stopped being intimate as he said he felt bad when having sex when we were not married. This i completely understand but all us ladies know that sex is an important part of a relationship, for me it would make me feel loved and closer to my partner, fast forward 3 years we had a break up and got back together then we were blessed with our beautiful little girl, an outcome of one night when we did have sex but he felt so guilty after… he always says he wants to have sex but he feels torn. I’m basically just after some advice on what I can do to get our relationship back on track, he is the loveliest man and the best daddy to our little girl, and like I said he really is my best friend… but when he tries to hug me and kiss me sometimes I just don’t want to do it in return, every little thing makes me so angry with him, stupid men stuff, like not picking up his pants or not hoovering properly, which I know is normal but I’ve got to the point where I just feel like screaming at him and walking out! I really want to try for our little girls sake and also because the thought of him with someone else makes me so sad! As you can see my head is a little fried! Please ladies a little advice on how u can get the spark back??x


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