Hi can I have a private post please. Not really a Mum question but would like …

Hi can I have a private post please.

Not really a Mum question but would like your advice. Basically I’ve been with my husband for 10 years and his sister really doesn’t like me at all, I honestly don’t know why she dislikes me so much and it does depress me a bit. There have been points through the years where we have sort of gotten on but everything I do seems to annoy her and it doesn’t take long till we fall out again. Whenever we are in the same room she has to make comments and digs about me or my children (who are my husbands so they are her nieces), whenever anything would happen in our lives that she didn’t agree with she would be straight on the phone to my husband putting her unwanted opinion in and basically being really rude. She seems to have major control issues with all her siblings, she has to be involved heavily in all their lives and if they don’t do exactly what she says she goes off on one. Two years ago we were at my mother in laws house and his sister was so rude to me that we left and my husband had a massive row over the phone with her and they have not spoken since. To be honest it’s been nice having her out of our lives and me and my husband hardly ever argue anymore as she was always the one who would stir trouble between us. She hasn’t really shown any sign of wanting to make up with me at all, a couple of times she has tried to reach out to my husband but he is so angry with her he won’t even entertain it and says if she doesn’t want to be civil to me there’s no point. Even though I’m not the one with the problem and I feel like I’ve come between my husband and his family. Recently I just can’t stop thinking about the situation and how it would be nice if there was no animosity, she has three kids and I think it’s such a shame my kids don’t get to see their cousins. I’m basically looking for advice on how to sort this out if anyone has been in a similar situation or do you think I should just not bother as my sister in law just clearly will never like me.


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