Hi can I have a private post to your page please? Just looking for some advice…

Hi can I have a private post to your page please?

Just looking for some advice really…. I am a first time mummy of a baby boy who is now a beautiful happy chappy 16 week old!

When he was born he was exactly 9lbs so obviously a big boy.

I took him for his second lot of vaccinations last week and they had a health visitor on site so I asked to see her so I could get him weighed etc.. she seemed very happy with his progress but when she weighed him, she made a comment which really offended me “I must tell you about child obesity.” What!!!??? He is 16 weeks old. Then carried on to say how I should definitely not start weaning him any earlier than 6 months.

When he was born he was on the 92nd centile and then the next 2 times he got weighed he was on the 98th but his height was the same so he is completely in proportion. Now he is on the 99.6th which is the last one and he weighs a whopping 19lb 6oz (well he did last Wednesday anyway).

She also said “are you sure he’s not looking for other comforts rather than milk?”… He is not breast fed and never has been (please don’t judge, I have personal reasons for not wanting to) and is on 7oz of milk every 3hrs but has been sleeping from 10pm – 6/7am for the last 7 week’s so is missing a few bottles in the night.

I guess I am paranoid that I am over feeding him even though I feel like it’s not possible as he clearly shows signs of wanting it and is very very rarely sick.

Has anyone else had big babies and when did they start to lose it?

Everybody comments on how big he is when they see him and it’s starting to worry me now.

Oh, I also forgot to add that he is on Aptamil Hungry Baby and has been from about 6 weeks old because my personal health visitor who comes to see me could see he was constantly hungry and was having milk constantly so she suggested the hungry milk and it has been the best thing for him.

Any advice welcome 😊 thanks x


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