Hi could I have a private post please… I’ve posted many times before about thi…

Hi could I have a private post please… I’ve posted many times before about this im just honestly crying out for help!? In February my son had marks on his tummy, we took him too hospital who said they we’re bruises, thet lasted 2 days and went, he was taken from me and my partner and placed with my sister, he got these marks on the bottom of his feet they were put down to petichiae from an infection, he then got them again 3 weeks after on his feet this time they put it down to bruising again, he was taken from my sister and placed with his paternal grandmother who was also caring for him on weekends when my sister had him, I’ve been begging doctors to look into something called delayed pressure urticaria but they are refusing, he got diagnosed with a cows milk protein allergy as he was getting really bad hives, at the times of all marks he was either on something he was allergic too, medication, had a chest infection or just had his vaccinations all of which are triggers for urticaria but they are still refusing to test for it, they are now taking us to court and im absolutely petrified they are going to take him into foster care, i feel like im not even going to be able to stand up in court as im that emotional because of it all me and my partner are struggling to cope with it were being treat like animals when all we’ve done is love our son more than anything, has anyone else been through this and won im just feeling hopeless please no bashing


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