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Hi is there any chance I could get a ppp . Basically I’m from uk got my boy chri…

Hi is there any chance I could get a ppp . Basically I’m from uk got my boy christend but 3 years ago an I really don’t want the god parents I choose not one of them have bothered in the Last 3 years two of them have said that my child he put them of having kids they couldn’t imagine having to pay that much attention to one child in one day I play with my son I feed him wash him clothes him just the basic parent stuff but they said no it’s to much I like my own time an space which before I got him christened they were like awww so happy to be god parents u will never have to worry so had all the trust in them now I’m so scared because of health issues I was so close with the god parents 3 of them but now they don’t bother not even Xmas birthdays they see him only when they want somethink one of them has became financially unstable an started drinking so deffo don’t want them unless they sort there selfs out we have tried to help them but they don’t want help the outher two a couple just selfish constantly causing trouble with anyone they were the ones who said couldn’t cope with the attention they said there never haveing kids because they like there own space but was so different when I had my son To now I wish they were like this then because now I’m
Worried anyone got any advice please no bashing please just worried about my sons future more than anythink oh an health issues only been happening around a year so didn’t have my son when I was ill sorry for the long post x


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