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Hi, looking for suggestions for a very tired mummy . My baby girl is just coming…

Hi, looking for suggestions for a very tired mummy πŸ˜”. My baby girl is just coming up to 9 months, she been fully weaned for a few months now, eats well poops well etc, she has a good day routine and has 2 naps, at the moment and usually straight after dropping my other children at school she goes down for a nap 900. Then she will have another nap about 145. Usually 1- 1 1/2 hours long each nap, bedtime is between 730-830 most nights unless her daytime nap is earlier then she will go to bed a little earlier, play bath bottle was what it used to be but now it’s bath play bottle and either way she goes down well and self soothes within 5 mins. She’s always woken once or twice and have found she will only go back to sleep with a bottle or in bed with me, what I’m trying to do is stop her from her habitual waking it’s now become, she’s not waking from hunger I think it’s comfort, I’ve offered her water this time which she drank some settled for 10 mins but was then back awake but crying, I went in offered her more water to which she pushed away and screamed the house down and ended up taking her downstairs for a few hours! if i pick her up she would calm which makes me think it’s comfort reasons. I know I’ve made a rod for my own back with this one with having her in with us but when she was born we ended up back in hospital so to have her near me I knew she was ok and to save my other 2 being woken have continued to put her with us when she wakes. have tried virtually everything but can’t seem to get her to sleep well at night 😣 her waking time is anywhere from 230 – 5. Help!! Any ideas would be very welcomed x p.s my other 2 were not like this hence the advice needed


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