Hi please can I have a ppp please… But if a long story. I started work about 1…

Hi please can I have a ppp please…
But if a long story.
I started work about 11 weeks ago in a 16 hour contract so I could fit shifts around my son being at nursery and the occasional weekend I was told. But since I’ve done my training 6 weeks ago I’ve worked every weekend bar 1 and my shifts can be starting at 6 am wich I have to wake my little one up at 5.30 for his dad to pick him up or get other people to pick him up when I’m on a 6.30 finish I’ve told them I can’t do Mondays or Wednesday as he’s not at nursery I’m in on Mondays and Wednesdays. I’ve asked for my hours to bee changed and got told I knew the shifts when I went for interview but hold on they said we can work around his nursery and it’s always different shifts never the same so I physically can’t do it later. 2 weeks ago I couldn’t get any childcare for my sat and Sunday shift I asked everyone I trust and got told I take the fucking piss because I must of knew about not being able to get child care my mums friend got taken in to hospital and she couldn’t have him. I just feel I’ve tried my best but it’s affecting my son I’m passing him around to cover my shifts and hardly spending time with him workig over 16 hrs I can’t cope any more I feel like I’m not putting him first and I’m failing as a mother because I can’t hold down a job and child but he comes first regardless I’ve been a wreck the last 2 weeks and I have a shift tomorrow and the thought of going in and having to tell them I need to leave early because I can’t get child care is making me so anxious my mum said just hand in my notice so I’ve wrote it out but I can’t even walk near the shop to give it in it sounds really pathetic but I’m at a loose end I don’t know what to do bit of a pointless rant but if anyone can help with how to go about it will be much appreciated xx


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