Hi pp please Ok girls I need some serious advice. Me and my partner don’t live t…

Hi pp please Ok girls I need some serious advice.
Me and my partner don’t live together but planning to move in together hopefully by next year anyway…. we have a 16 week old baby together and I came to his mums house on the weekend with our baby for a couple of days
I have had my son with me at my house for over three weeks because it was Christmas time and we both agreed rather than me traveling around at Christmas I will just bring him after… so I have had him at my house and I have a 5 year old (just turned) at home too who is with his daddy ATM.
Because I had both kids at home I haven’t been drinking at all so we both agreed Christmas Day will be his day and he can let his hair down and drink etc and then New Year’s Eve is my day where I can drink and let my hair down whilst he watches our son. Bearing in mind our baby goes sleep around 6-6:30 and will sleep 7-8 hours until he will wake up for a bottle. He wakes up twice a night that’s it. So I started drinking last night with my oh mum and her bf
I was talking to them both having a laugh etc
My bf came down around ten by this point I was really tipsy
I don’t remember half the night but I passed out on the sofa woke up at 4am and my oh was there having a proper go at me making me feel like a piece of s**t
He was saying I’m loving up Adam (his mums bf) and I said that’s ridiculous! We get on what’s wrong with that? He said I was being defensive well sorry love your accusing me of fancying your mums partner! 😂 is talking to someone and having a laugh really inappropriate? His mum was there she never said anything like that?? We were arguing and at one point he said ‘yeah your loving up Adam you b***h’ … I just feel so fed up that I can’t enjoy my night without him making problems…. he had three weeks without his son he was drinking every other day I never moaned!


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