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Holocaust Survivor Beaten In A Taxi

Hanka Fogelman, a 92 yr old Holocaust survivor, had used a ‘shared’ taxi that’s part of a service for people who can’t drive or use normal public transport, because of their physical and mental disabilities.

When the taxi arrived, there were already two passengers in it, a woman sitting in the passenger seat, and a man sitting in the back.

Just minutes after the car door had closed, the taxi driver mentioned to Hanka that the guy could be “aggressive, even slightly dangerous”. He was obviously aware that the man was dangerous. The guy began to attack Hanka, punching her in the face until her face was mottled with bruises and blood gushed from her nose.

When police officers arrived, they found the attacker sitting in the back quietly, occupied with a crossword puzzle,

Hanka had to be taken straight to the hospital due to the severity of her injuries.

This poor lady was beaten to what could have been easily to an inch of her life, due to her old age.

She had lacerations across her face, a broken nose, and a face so bruised it was alarming to see.

Apparently the guy had an intellectual disability and completely unaware of his actions.

When Debbie, Hanka’s daughter, became aware of what happened she flew over to be with her mother. She is understandably shocked and angry, and raised some questions that really should be answered.

If the taxi driver was aware that the man was known to become physically violent, why did he allow him in the taxi, and more so, why allow a vulnerable woman to be seated next

to him….

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