I Am So Angry With Alderhey Hospital

Trying to distract myself from thoughts of what could have been if I trusted what alderhey said is hard, I am just constantly thinking the worst now. I am paranoid, my chest keeps tightening with anxiety an it’s causing mental distress thinking that ‘what if’ and stress that feels like it’s pulling me apart limb from limb.

My 2 and a half week old baby got discharged from alderhey after 7 days in hospital and 5 of them were spent on the critical care unit and we were allowed home because they felt she could breath fine by herself and then just a day later I was back there because everything they told me to look out for and to bring her straight back if happens started to happen again, yet when I get there she goes into triage and they were great but the nurse and doctor on the EDU at the time looked at me like I didn’t have a clue.

My daughter who couldn’t breath was discharged with the excuse “she’s getting over fed” which is what they constantly say or “it’s viral” and also told me they aren’t going to do anything because “there’s loads more sicker kids then her”!

I got told by my gp to take her down because she was showing signs of sepsis and all alderhey had to say to me was “she doesn’t look septic” well I am glad I went to whiston hospital because if I never I don’t know where I’d be now her oxygen levels where dropping to 86 god know how low they would have went if I didn’t go get a second opinion and I have been treated amazingly!. My baby is now getting treated for sepsis aswell as what she had in alderhey bronchiolitis and was let home with  I’m glad I’m finally getting somewhere!!!

We have found the problem with my little girl!! They have found a hole in her heart and she has a leaking heart valve an it would never have been found if she wasn’t getting treated properly in whiston, how could alderhey miss that I’m so angry it’s breaking my heart my baby being so sick 😔

Katie Rooney

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