I Am So Done With Helping Others

I am so done with helping others.

All my life I have sacrificed the things I want or need in life to help others.

You want me to look after your children as you have to work, no problem I’ll change my plans to have them.

You need a lift to the supermarket, not an issue, I’ll use my petrol to take you, doesn’t matter that it means I’ll have to tighten my budget that week, after all we are friends.

You need someone to help with your child’s football team, of course I’ll help, I’ll take all the complaints because little Jimmy didn’t play a whole match or it will be my fault the team lost, I’m sorry I was trying my best.

Lend you some money, yeah not an issue I know you are struggling just the same as me, friends will go without for each other.

This is how I used to be, first to volunteer to help, first to be there for everyone, never thinking of how it was affecting my own life.

However I have come to realise I can never do enough for some people, they will always take more and more until I have nothing left and then throw me away.

I will not volunteer to help with any sports or events to then receive complaints and moans from those who wouldn’t step up to the plate ever!

I am done, it is over, I do for me now and me alone, for those I have helped would never help me in return.

I am so happy in my selfish, lonesome, happy, bitchy free zone. Welcome to freedom any one want to come along for the ride?

I still help two friends who would walk over hot coals for me but I have cleared myself of all the fake mates

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