I Am Terrified To Leave My House-Punish A Muslim

I am terrified to leave my house today, I wear my hijab with pride it is part of my religion, over the last decade hate towards me and other Muslims have grown.

Yes there have been many terror attacks by people claiming to be Muslims but they are not true Muslims, we believe in love and peace not hatred, death and violence.

Do you class all Christians as racists and part of the KKK? Nope you don’t so please don’t label all Muslims as terrorists.

There has been a letter circulating around London and on social media declaring April the 3rd as punish a Muslim day, with a sick point scoring system, punish us for what? t is a sall minority who do harm, the rest of us have done nothing.

I will not be leaving the house, my son and daughter will not be going out, I will not eningmy front door, my phone is going to be turned off and all my windows and doors will blocked with the curtains drawn, I am in fear of being hurt and I have done no wrong.

Please see me as a person, a mum, a wife, look passed my attire, look passed my religion and see me, a mummy to two who has livd in England all of my life.

I am a proud Muslim and a proud member of Britain, I to shed a tear and hate what happens with terrorist but I am not a part of it, my husband, my children and I have done you no wrong, we are innocent.

Please do not target anyone today, let’s make the 3rd of April a day of love and not of hate, why not have hug a muslim day or say hello to one another as you walk down the street, why not build a relationship with our neighbours and love one another #loveoneanother

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