I Destroyed My Relationship On Purpose

I met David in 2013 when I was 24 years old, David was a few years older than me and had recently got out of a long relationship with the mother of her daughter.

I was what you would call a whirl wind relationship within three months we were living together and I had never been happier, Davids little girl Evie visited every Wednesday and every other weekend she was the apple of Davids eye and such a sweet, funny, kind girl it made me so happy to have her in my life but it also made me want a child of my own.

By the end of 2014 David and I were actively trying for a baby and it didn’t take long for me to fall pregnant, April 2015 I gave birth to my own daughter Amber.

Evie continued to visit after the birth of Amber and loved being a big sister, but Evie’s mother became a tad jealous, she wouldn’t acknowledge Amber as Evies sister and just called her IT, soon it was harder and harder for David to see Evie, the mum would always have excuses as to why Evie couldn’t visit.

David didn’t see Evie for months so he drove to his exs house and demanded to know why, the ex said she didn’t like me and until we split up he would not be able to see his first-born daughter.

David and I sat down and discussed going down the legal route and fighting for Evie but we just didn’t have the money.

I could see David was getting more and more depressed he was often angry or with drawn, he missed Evie so much, and I was the reason they were apart, I had to do something.

I began fights for no reason, I became lazy, refused sex, I didn’t make any effort with my appearance and started going out in the evening, I was trying to push him away, I wanted him to leave me and to be able to see his baby girl.

David couldn’t take any more of the arguing and lack of love and he left me, he still saw our daughter most days and was able to see Evie again, he now has both his daughters in his life, I have lost the love of my life but I could not sit back and see him so depressed, I loved him so much that I had to push him away.

Some days I regret my decision because I loved him so much but he loved being a dad and now he gets to do that with both his children.

David is the best dad i could ever ask for, I just wish his ex wasn’t such a bitter, twisted  or that court costs were lowered when children are involved. 

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