I Didn’t Wet Myself It Was My Waters Breaking

Hi my name is Danielle fletcher.

In 2017 after 3 yrs of trying we finally wee pregnant again our little girl was over the moon. Everything was fine measuring a lil behind but wernt worried…fast forward to 10th Jan 2018 24+6wks pregnant I was in my mother in-laws back garden and woosh”oh danielle” I thought you should of done those pelvic floors 30 miles from home I borrowed a pair of leggings.. woosh again oh no I’m so embarrassed so I borrows another pair this time joggers and wore a nappy home didn’t think any worse then wetting myself being my 2nd pregnancy.

25+4 scan day all excited we already knew he was a boy so our little girl was excited to see her baby brother on the screen everything seemed ok until I got off the bed an there was another wet patch feeling myself getting red I apologised but was asked to get back onto the bed for a ‘re scan feeling confused but agreed…miss Fletcher I need to send you for a specular?

Test and from that moment on we made me a high risk pregnancy…me wetting myself was not me wetting myself it was my waters breaking. I cried I laughed I was scared big words flying around termination thrown here there and everywhere for 7 weeks he hung on inside with his highest pool reaching 1.3 but ranging to 0 fluid he was born at 32+2 weeks and spent 6wks in nicu after picking up an infection and suspected lactose intolerance home 1 wk before his due date and is now a crazy 2yr old. Pprom PretermPrelabourRuptureOfMemberanes XxX

I found a page on fb call3d little heartbeats without the help and support from them and those miracl3 stories we may not have our little boy today. They sent out information pack heartbeat bear so we could rec his heartbeat in case that was all we got colouring book and pencils for hospital bed rest and home bed rest 🙂

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