I Grew Up In A Time Where Everything Was Better

I grew up during a time when everyone treated each other like Family.

We went outside to play on streets, build dens and make tree swings, we got dirty, bathed on a Sunday we didn’t eat fast food….we ate a Sunday dinner…proper home made food  and chips cooked in a proper chip pan!

We got ice cream from Mr whippy when we could afford it, otherwise a choc ice from the freezer. We played football , kerby , Hide and Seek, british bulldog and  Made life long friendships and are still in touch with them today albeit not on a regular basis, but true friends.

There was no bottled water  we drank water from the tap (bathroom tap at night) we shared the same bottle of pop… After we’d wiped it with our mucky sleeves, We only had kids tv after school and Saturday mornings.

We rode our bikes for hours, There was no such thing as a mobile  or any other electronic device.

If someone had a fight, that’s exactly what it was… a fist fight.                                     Kids didn’t have guns or knives. The street lights were our curfew or until our mum shouted us. School was mandatory . We watched our mouths around our elders because we knew we’d get a clip.

Sayings like “What’s for tea?” your guaranteed reply was shit with sugar on “where’s Mum?” Run off with the milk man would be the answer. Nothing was too PC back then.

And you know what everything was better back then, respect was given, manners were used and everyone looked at for one another, life was more simple but it was kinder and happier.

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