I Punched A Child And I Liked It

I punched a child and I liked it

Yes you read the title right I did punch a kid and I didn’t just like it, I bloody loved it.

Ok maybe I should explain, I am the proud mum of 2 children Phoebe 12 and Max 8.

Phoebe is in year 8 at secondary school she is bright, kind and pretty.

Phoebe goes to school via public transport as we live 45 minutes away from the closest school.

Phoebe has been tormented and bullied on a daily basis by a 15-year-old called Joshua, he has spat at her, tripped her up, stole her phone and lots more.

I have spoken to the school at least twice a week for the last six months but as he is bullying her only on the bus and not on the school premises there was little they could do, I'[ve calle bus company but they say it’s not their job to watch kids on the bus.

I have tried speaking to his parents but they simply didn’t care.

Phoebe would come home in tears and beg to change schools or to let her cycle to school neither of which where feasible we live in the country side and other schools are even further away and it would take her hours to cycle and I don’t drive.

One week back after Christmas phoebe came home in bits she was inconsolable, once she had calmed down she explained that Joshua had got some boys to hold my baby girls arms behind her back and Joshua lifted up Phoebe’s top and mocked my daughters breasts.

I called the police in my eyes this was a sexual assault, the police questioned Joshua and gave him a slap on the wrist and told him not to it again.

No way was this little shit gonna get away with this, I phoned my work and told them I wouldn’t be in that day, I got on the bus with my daughter and as soon as Joshua stepped foot on the bus I lunged at him and gave a huge punch right on his smirking foul mouth, I sent him flying and told him if he touches my daughter again I would be taking it out on his parents as they deserved a smack as well.

I loved knocking the little shit into place and I honestly would do it again.

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