I Quit My Job To Breastfeed My Boyfriend

Now not everyone enjoys their job many quit because of the stress of it, feeling under appreciated or don’t like certain colleagues but can you image saying to your boss, “I quit this job so I can breastfeed my boyfriend every two hours.” Well… this woman did.
Where did the idea come from? Mulford approached her former childhood sweetheart, 36-year-old Brad Leeson, with the idea, “It was like a light switch flicked in his head. I could tell him from his voice that he was curious and excited.”

 “We were talking and Brad told me he had a thing for big-breasted women, and that size had always been a factor in his relationships,” Jennifer said. “I thought it was the perfect time to bring up adult breastfeeding -and see if he’d be interested.”

It was then that Mulford knew she had found the one. “At the moment I knew that I had a partner for life,” she said. “We both wanted the same thing out of the relationship — a magical bond that only breastfeeding can achieve.”

The search begins. Before Brad came into the picture, Jennifer was searching aimlessly for a man to be open to the adult breastfeeding concept. “When I read about the pure joy it brought others, I was desperate to seek out a partner to share an emotional bond with.”

He said yes! Brad was interested. The only problem? Jennifer hadn’t breastfed a baby, let alone an adult male, in over 20 years. She didn’t have any milk to feed to Brad.

 The thing about a woman’s body is it’s not like you just suck on a nipple for a few seconds and milk comes out. You would have to trick your body by “dry” breastfeeding quite often to fool your body into lactating.

 That is a lot of work, all of that dry breastfeeding to fool your body. Jennifer is so committed to this pursuit that she quit her job. “I’ve taken a break from my job because I want to devote everything to making this work.”

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