I Was Going To Be Induced And He Was Angry

The morning I was going to be induced, he was angry with me. He was angry that I preferred his mother not to be in the delivery room. He raised his voice at me, and made me cry. I stood my ground, did my make up, and we went to the hospital.

That morning shouldn’t have been that way. The day I gave birth, he never once told me I did a good job, he never once told me I was beautiful after watching me give birth to his first born child. The day after I gave birth, my body was in a lot of pain, but he never once asked me how I felt.

He was angry with me again, for something so small I couldn’t remember if I tried. He will claim I’m a liar. He tries to get into my head and make me believe everything went wrong because of me. Sometimes I get close to believing it, but then I just remember the truth of it all.

This has been a really bad experience with some one but I wouldn’t take it back. I love my daughter and she is worth it all. I always get so happy to see other women with good men by their side. I watched my sister go through the pain and loneliness of not having a good guy by her side during such a huge time in a woman’s life. It probably made her think she wasn’t good enough, but she is. He is not good enough. Every woman deserves to be cherished and their value should be seen. You should never stay if this is what you are being treated like. It’s not supposed to be like this.

Editing to add: I have left the relationship

Credit https://www.facebook.com/emily.m.regan


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