I’m A Mum Who Doesn’t Like Children

Anyone else a Mum that does not really like kids? Everyone falls over in shock when I say this, so let me clarify.

I love my three kids dearly, and a handful of my friend’s kids, but as a general rule, no, I do not really like children.

Having extra kids over my house stresses me out. They are super needy, messy and get on my nerves the entire time, it seems to me that other people’s children seem to be louder, ruder and far more annoying than my own flesh and blood.

I prefer the company of adults. I love mine and I enjoy watching them grow up, but I can also tell them when they are being little assholes and to knock it off. I can’t tell your kids that, also my kids know my look, you know the special mum look that says pack it in or you’re in trouble.

I do not have sympathy for the mother whose child is having a tantrum in the shop, I tend to tut and move away, I do not judge the mothers parenting but my god are the screams of your damn child annoying, please take it home.

When I dine out I pick a table as far away from children as possible and will happily move tables if a young family sits near by.

It’s not that I hate children, I just don’t want to look after others kids or spend any time with them, I do not coo over babies and don’t find it cute or funny when a child pulls a face at me.

Surely I cannot be the only mum who only likes their own children, I love my trio and enjoy watching them grow, but keep your kids away from me, thanks very much

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