I’m Just Tired Mummy

Today as soon as I picked my five year old up from kindergarten, I could tell she was in, what I like to call, one of her “moods”. She was crying over everything, not being herself, and acting so uptight. My immediate reaction was to get annoyed. And say “you’re almost six, why are you acting like this?!”

It wasn’t until a few hours of her acting like this, that she looked at me with tears in her eyes, and I said “are you just having a draining day?” She hugged me and said “I’m just tired mommy.” And that when I realized, I totally forgot what I always preach about to my kids. Your mental health being your top priority.

So, I drew her a lavender bubble bath, gave her a face mask, and lit some candles while she read her books and sipped on her apple juice.

After the bath, she was a new kid. The kid I usually know. She was happy, had more energy, and was handling things better.

I think we all forgot that even for kids, life gets too much sometimes. And even they need a break from it all.

Today taught me that I need to be a more understanding parent, as I too go through so much and need a nice bath to myself to escape it all. It doesn’t matter the age. We all need that.


Credit Caitlinfladager


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