Imagine You’re On Universal Credit

Imagine you’re on Universal Credit.
You manage, just about, you have £3 left in your purse but you get your money in two days so it’s ok, £1.50 a day can feed the kids, be frugal with the electricity, you just go hungry, but it’s ok. Can’t have hungry kids.
Then the old washing machine breaks. You’ve no money or savings, so it’s either a doorstep loan or a credit purchase.
So that’s a new extortionate weekly outgoing you can’t afford, but it’s necessary, can’t have dirty kids.
Pay day finally arrives. Your kid wrecks his shoes. He has to have school shoes, so there goes some of this weeks rent money. You’ll catch up next week you say.
Next week something else crops up, so catch up never happens. This rolls on.
The landlord is on your back so you hand over all of next weeks money to keep your home. No money for food or amenities. So hunger and more debt to try and tackle next week with no way out of the poverty trap.
Poverty is a downward spiral.
Learning to bulk freeze dinners is no use when you don’t have the electricity to cook and keep frozen the food you can’t afford to buy in the first place.
I’m seeing so much ignorance when it comes to poverty stricken families.
Unless you’ve been there, you’ll never understand but please try to empathise. Being poor and miserable is never a life choice.

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