Important Public Announcement-Please Read


This is crucial to all road users and especially tourists, the elderly and over-cautious stupid idiots normally driving a car with stick figure families on the back or a novelty fishing sign which attempts to be funny!

 This sign (you can’t miss it, it is a big old circle which is white with a huge black line in it) means you can legally drive your CAR on single carriageways at 60mph, …not 20, 25, 28, 30, 34, 40 or heaven forbid 45mph….but 60mph … BLOODY SPEED UP before I die of old age, attempt to over take you and crash my car, my children sitting in the back of my vehicle will pick up some delightful new words such as “wanker” “nob head” and “inconsiderate bastard” !

If you can’t keep up with the speed limit or the pace of modern traffic then get yourself off the road and hand your licence in.

If you won’t do it for me please for the love of god won’t you think of the children! They know me as a kind caring individual but when I am sat behind you and your slow arse driving my inner evil rises to the surface!!! Thanks for reading please share to your fellow drivers and save my sanity.

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