Is It Easier To Be Vegan Compared To Eating Meat

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Is it easier to be vegan compared to eating meat, dairy and eggs?

My thoughts:

“it is much easier to eat meat and drink milk”

It is not easier for the animals that are gassed to death or shot.

It is not easier for the animals cramped up in trucks going towards the slaughter-house, for many the only time in their short life they see the sun.

It is not easier for the slaughterhouse workers, who kill hundreds of animals per day, and who suffer from stress and psychological problems because of it.

Or the male chicks dying a painful death being gassed to death just after birth because of that no one can profit from them.

Nor the fish who suffer from being dragged up and who suffer dying in the nets.

It is not easier for the humans and the animals who lose their home when the Amazons is destroyed to make land for soy plantations to feed cows.


It isn’t easier for everyone who suffers from obesity or die of heart attack due to arteries clogged by eating a lot of meat, dairy and eggs.

We can easily get all nutrients we need on a balanced plant-based diet. You can get B12 from meat, but to say that it is easier than ordering B12-supplements isn’t true.

It is much easier to choose life in the supermarket, rather than closing your eyes to all misery, suffering and death that the animals went through to be reduced to meat, dairy, eggs, fish and honey. Choose life and freedom for everyone, step out of paying for this violence. It is much easier to be vegan for everyone and for you.

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