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Is This Doll Inappropriate?

Would you be upset/offended if you bought a Doll like this and it didn’t have a warning on the box?

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American Shoppers and Internet users alike were surprised to discover the You & Me Mommy Change My Diaper Doll at Toys “R” Us – a doll made anatomically correct for a male baby.

In response to the doll, some Facebook users have called the toy inappropriate and unnecessary for kids. 

Others have joked that it’s a unique way to end a “gender reveal” party. 

Some parents simply requested that the manufacturer put a warning label on the box.

Now I know my daughter has numerous dolls with male and female genitals and don’t personally have an issue with it, but what’s your view?

Would you buy it knowing it had this?

Would you have liked a warning before hand?

Is it inappropriate?

Let’s hear your views

4 thoughts on “Is This Doll Inappropriate?

  • Helen sears

    No I don’t think this doll is inappropriate. It is an easy way for them to learn a boy from a girl. If you are offended by it then simply don’t buy the doll for your child. Dolls like these have been out for years. In my opinion your children will see a lot worse with everyday living with people on the streets with skirts to short tops to low with breasts hanging out. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  • I wouldnt buy it for my daughter as such but its good for the boys to understand they hv diff parts as girls do as im a single mum id get this for my boy..

  • Samantha Watkiss

    I wouldn’t have a problem with it, growing up (im 32 now) I had a doll my now 36yo cousin gave me. It was an anatomically correct black boy doll….we have since passed it on to a family friend with a 4yo mixed race daughter as she struggles to find any race appropriate dolls for her daughter to play with. She loves it.
    It was exactly the same as a tiny tears/tim just black.

  • Adele Kenny

    Why is it ok for a boy to have one of these dolls to know there are difference and not girls? Don’t understand the logic if that. Yes I would buy one of these, nothing wrong with it at All . Buy 2 male and female doll.


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