It’s Normal To Be Anxious In This World

It’s normal to be anxious in this world. How are you not?

We live in a society in which at the first sign of someone else’s distress we pull out our mobiles to record what it happening instead of helping.

Homeless-ness has become so common that no-one is trying to prevent it anymore, the numbers are just growing. In the UK prior to royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry they ‘cleared’ the streets of Windsor from all the homeless people. I saw a spokesman on ITV News at the time saying that homeless people choose to live on the streets.

Everyday on the news we hear of another drug taking over our local communities. It scared me when Heroin, a drug as a child I would have only heard of in films. Is now easier to get now than a packet of cigarettes.

School is the scariest place for some children to go because they are being bullied. More than one out of every five (20.8%) students reported being bullied according to the National Center for Educational Statistics, 2016.

School is also a competition from the first day to the last. From the parents to the children. The parents want their child to have the best equipment and do the best. The children then turn into teenagers who begin to want better equipment than their friends and to do better than their friends rather than helping them.

Why has Christmas turned into a social media event basically? Everything is posted on Facebook especially the main one (the picture with the 1000 presents.) It’s like everything has to be a competition these days. Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Communions etc. It Is like we are losing the love for each celebration. Constant competition with no thought for those with less.

The internet is at a child’s fingertips. The youngest person I know to use the internet is 5. We can all have an opinion on how the internet is affecting the generations to come but the majority of things that can be seen at a click of a button are negative.

Social Media has changed the idea of beauty creating standards that are unreachable for young men and women. Self-esteem issues starting at pre-adolescence. It is the platform of cyber bullying and arranged fights. It is constant negative videos circulating every day, from videos of people abusing children to videos of people fighting. Facebook was invented so we can connect with friend’s, right?

People are still widely being victimized based on their gender, race, sexual orientation, religion etc. We are becoming more accustomed to what ‘labels’ people fit instead of treating them as people, equal.

In a corporate environment it will never matter how well you perform your job to move up the corporate ladder. ‘It is not what you know it is who you know.’

It constantly feels that it is the government against the people and their welfare instead of being for the people. Why does it always seem that they always focus on the minor problems of the city rather than the major?

A celebrity death is no longer a case of mourning. It is a case of insensitive meme’s and jokes now. Is this generation losing the values of respect?

There have been 142 school shootings in the US Since 2013. Schools in which our children should be safe. When there is a school shooting it is publicised all over the news which creates further fear in children at any school. Is school even a safe place anymore?

We don’t speak up for those in need of help as much as we possibly could. I believe voices have the ability to change everything wrong in this world if only we had enough voices, and even with that too many people would be afraid to speak up due to the fact they may suffer the consequences personally.

We hear swear words from most children’s mouths these days and it isn’t even shocking anymore.

The news and media are all so corrupt and negative. It seems like they know exactly how to sway the public to a certain way of thinking.

Are the Police to be trusted? When you see the Police do you feel safe?Personally, I do. But some people do not and are completely within reason.

In Northern Ireland at the minute there is no government at all, not that the people of the North’s voices ever get heard anyway but imagine having no government in your country. I don’t know how many times I have heard people ask, ‘what the hell is going on here.’

Drugs are literally everywhere and scarily available to people whom I have heard of aged as young as 14. Coke, MDMA, Ecstasy, Speed, Spice, Heroin, everything. Imagine a child finding the remains of a needle and spoon from a heroin hit in the middle of their city centre?

We hear the words ‘Nuclear Bombs’ a lot these days. That’s normal to hear and doesn’t cause fear.

We live in a world where a 9-year-old just committed suicide. A 9 Year old should not know what suicide is! END OFF!

I could go on longer on this but really, it’s like no wonder why so many people have anxiety disorders living in this world.


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