It’s Ok To Feel Sad That Your Pregnancy Isn’t How You Planned It

Mama, it’s OK to grieve the loss of a “normal” pregnancy, of hospital antenatal classes and catching up with your friends for coffee and walks.

It’s OK to feel sad that your baby shower has been cancelled – I know you were looking forward to it.

You’re allowed to be disappointed that your Babymoon – your last trip before welcoming your new addition – won’t happen now.

Mama, it’s OK to cry because your big boy or big girl won’t be able to meet their new baby sibling in the hospital.

It’s OK to be upset that your friends and family won’t be able to visit you after birth – or that it might be some time before they can hold your baby in their arms.

Mama, it’s OK to grieve your village, to feel down that mothers’ groups have been cancelled at a time when you need them most.

It’s OK to feel sad that so many of your plans for maternity leave have changed – and you’re learning how to be a mum in this strange new normal.

It’s OK to feel that the magic of this time has been stolen from you – while also being grateful for it, too.

It’s okay to grieve. Your feelings are valid and so are your tears.

You’re not alone ❤️

Art by Rita Navarro

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