I’ve Been Fighting My Demons Now I’m Giving Back

I’ve given myself 8 weeks to train for the hardest challenge of my life by attempting to burpee (The burpee or squat thrust is a full body exercise, basically you start in a standing position, move into a squat position with your hands on the ground,kick your feet into a plank position, return to squat position and repeat) around Abbey Fields in Colchester for 1.5 miles

I’ve battled mentally for a long time in silence with my depression and suicidal thoughts. 
To share before how I felt was a sign of weakness and would ruin my personal and professional life. But I no longer have anything left to lose.

It’s so easy to fake your happiness over social media without realizing the ones closest to you are fighting the hardest battles    

Exercise has always been my therapy and keeps my demons at bay and if I can help inspire others to reach out in times of need like others have done with me, then this physical challenge and pain will be worth every step.

Samaritans do an amazing job at supporting those at when they need it most or when you feel you can’t turn to anyone for help or support so this is the charity I will be raising money for so that they can continue to help others in a similar situation to what I continue to go through 

I appreciate all your support, kind words and love and when I feel I can’t keep going I remember all the people who love me and genuinely want to see me happy.

To help support Gabriel Beckett please check out his just giving page below


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