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Leave Me At Home

Sporty Boss,
leave me at home. It’s not nice for me to run next to you. But because I am a loyal dog, I often go beyond my limits. And so I run beside you, stand still if I must. And feel my paws burn. I look at you for a moment, but you don’t understand.

Because in 5 minutes, we will be at the cool puddle, right? But those 5 little minutes can now just be fatal for me. Because I sweat through my legs, and this heat just can’t reach it. I cook from the inside, but I keep going…..
And so I end up on the asphalt. In the heat and in the sun. With my tongue out of my mouth and my eyes blinking in the sun. My legs burned, my tongue dry and my head pounding from the heat that my body can’t get rid of….
Don’t brand the paw print!
Let your dog enjoy the sun, with a large bowl of water, a place in the shade. And best of all, preferably a cool patch of grass.…

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