Making An Invisible Illness Visible-Endometriosis

Making an Invisible Illness, Visible!!!

If Endometriosis was visible, then this is how it might look. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist!

The Unseen pain, agony & exhaustion of living with Endometriosis🎗

The scars inside that are unseen & never heal.

If I was to describe the pain I experience on a daily basis then these pictures speak a thousand words…

Due to very personal reasons, this has got to be up there with the best, most real & rewarding collaborations I have ever been involved with 👏👌 it is far from the usual glam shoot which makes it all the more real. I am still in complete awe of the beautiful, amazing, fellow Endo Warrior Andrea Baines @makeupbyandrea and her mind blowing talents 🤩 First time being a SFX (special effects) model at & what a privilege it was. Thankyou for choosing me to create TeamWork magic with you to help bring your idea to life 💫 #endosisters

Endometriosis is very REAL!

It occurs when tissue similar to the tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus (the endometrium) grows outside your uterus and attaches itself to other organs and places within the body.

It affects 1 in 10 women worldwide causing all sorts of problems, for example…excessive blood loss, chronic pelvic pain + other areas, severe fatigue, infertility, bladder/bowel problems, back & leg pains, mental health problems, the list goes on! Us ladies who are #EndoWarriors need to be taken more seriously and if that means Advocating & Raising awareness every single day to get the word out there then so be it 💪

We need & deserve answers but more so there needs to be a Cure found or at least more help to put an end to the excruciating pain & suffering of this debilitating illness 😓



One thought on “Making An Invisible Illness Visible-Endometriosis

  • 5th November 2019 at 3:59 pm

    can you imagine that facebook ban this picture! They claim it is too disturbing or show violence. It is my everyday life!


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