Men Don’t Be Afraid To Get Checked Out

April 2017 Luther has found a lump in his testicle, I had told Luther as soon as we had found it to head to the doctors, for a couple of months Luther had told me many times he was seeing a doctor and we were just awaiting a time for him to receive surgery to remove the testicle. Every time Luther saw the doctor he had told me, my body is just run down or a comment close to. It was than a couple of months later, 29th of November to be exact. Luther woke me up at 12:46am and told me he had chest pains, he wanted me to take him to the hospital, so I did.

It was then the doctors had rushed Luther into an emergency ct scan, we had mention to the doctor Luther had testicular cancer, the doctor than gave us the heart breaking news the cancer had spread. The nurses at the hospital asked when Luther had been diagnosed, I said April some time, it was than the nurses had told me there was no record of Luther at any hospital or doctors since 2015!

Gladstone hospital then emergency flew us to Brisbane, we heard the heart breaking news the cancer had spread, from his testicular to his liver, lung, kidney and his lymph nodes in his abdomen. Sadly 8 days later I had lost him! PLEASE DONT BE AFRAID TO SEE A DOCTOR IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE! If Luther had of early we would still have him with us today! Please check your balls guys!There’s always help!

Full credit Kayla Templeman

If you feel a swelling or lump, it’s important to get it checked out (though most lumps won’t be cancer). A heavy feeling in your balls can also be a warning sign. And if you have cancer and it’s spread to other parts of your body, you might get back, groin or stomach pain, breathlessness or a persistent cough.

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