Microchip/Scanning Issue You Need To Be Aware of

❌Microchip/scanning information❌

❗To clarify, I can only pass on the information which I was given & have shared in absolute good faith. Others state scanning chips more frequently makes no difference, please decide for yourselves. What IS very clear, is that there is a problem with the general microchip/scanning process as a whole❗

Whilst we are all absolutely delighted that Sprocket has at last been reunited, the revelation yesterday that her microchip had been missed by several separate agencies, has set alarm bells ringing. Sprocket could have been reunited some 2 weeks beforehand had her chip been located in the first place. The possibility of her chip never having been found, resulting in a rehoming situation, or worse, doesn’t bear thinking about.

Coincidentally, just before this information had been posted, I had attended a local charity event, where they were offering health checks, health care advise and free microchipping. Such were my concerns regarding seemingly increasing ‘failures’ of microchips, for whatever reason, I raised this with the event organisers. I’M SO GLAD I DID because the reply I got was a vital piece of information that we all need to know.

Apparently, the more you have your dogs chip scanned, the easier it becomes to locate, because the process of scanning effectively activates the chip, which otherwise lays dormant, making it more reliable and easier to locate. I was stunned to learn this.

PLEASE PLEASE bear this in mind and have your dogs scanned at EVERY reasonable opportunity you have. It takes only seconds but could well save your dog’s life 🐶

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